Christmas Holiday Getaway

There is one week each year when all kinds of traffic are really busy. This is the week when people travel in order to be with their relatives on Christmas.

A problem with the signal disrupted the train services in Great Western.

Because of the heavy rain and floods on Thursday, the getaway is a bit dangerous and difficult.

Trains throughout the whole country were cancelled and it happened so that even some people were stuck with their vehicles and they had to be rescued.

Rail disruption

After a fire caught a cable at overnight atPrestonPark, many trains were affected and it all resulted in delays of about 90 minutes.

BetweenBrightonand Haywards Heath, buses were sent in order to help transporting people.

A signaling problem is causing disruption near Hayes and Harlington. Because of the problems, a number of Paddington services have been delayed and some were cancelled, including those toReadingandCardiff.

At least until 15:00 GMT, trains toBristolwill travel with a reduced service and trains between Paddington andHeathrowAirportdo not travel at all.

The national Rail announced that the weather affected many other train services:

Canceled trains- between Ellesmere Port and Hooton nearChester, between Crewe andChester, from Uttoxeter andStoke-on-Trent.

At the same time, about 200,000 people are expected to cross the channel on the Eurostar and ferries.

Works suspended

Airports are preparing to receive hundreds of thousands passengers in the days around Christmas.

John Curtin, of the Environment Agency, said:

“With a very busy travel weekend coming up, we would also ask that people check their route before traveling, and remember not to drive or walk through flood water”.

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