Apple To Face Fresh Labour Abuse Claims

Apple will once more face allegations of workers’ rights violations.

After a report of China Labour Watch the contractor of Apple- Pegatron is to be blamed for the poor living conditions and withholding workers’ pay as well as for environmental and safety violations.
In case these allegations are confirmed Pegatron would be in violation of both Chinese law and Apple’s supplier policy.

The mission of China Labour Watch is to defend workers’ rights in China. According to their report after many investigations it was ascertained that many international laws and standards have been violated by Pegatron.Make sure your business meets all the criteria by buying legal documents and policies from The Legal Stop.

Early this morning Apple commented: “Apple is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions throughout our supply chain.”

Similar accusations have been made against Apple in 2010. The case is known as the Foxconn suicides when 18 employees attempted suicides. Then fourteen of them died. The reasons for these suicides are considered to be the poor conditions and more than 72 hours working with no breaks.

According to the executive director of China Labour Watch the factories of Pegatron and their working conditions were far worse than those at Foxconn factories.

Jason Cheng, the chief executive of Pegatron, announced that these allegations were a serious thing and added that “We will investigate them fully and take immediate actions to correct any violations to Chinese labour laws and our own code of conduct.”

China Labour Watch stated they would continue checking different factories and insist on reimbursement of all workers who were either underpaid or denied compensation.