Cameron Talks about the Potential British EU Exit

If the Conservatives win the next elections British people are promised to take part into a referendum on EU membership.

However, David Cameron said he looked forward to a new settlement between Britain and the European Union. Just after this settlement British people should decide either to accept it or not.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats slammed Cameron’s speech.

According to Nick Clegg, a deputy PM, this acting in the shorter-term interests of the UK is a failure: “years and years of uncertainty because of a protracted, ill-defined renegotiation of our place in Europe”.

The opinion of the shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, on the reform is that it will be a beneficial one but he also said that “the idea that you put a gun to the head of your European partners, that you stand in the departure lounge shouting at 26 other members of the EU as a way to get those changes, doesn’t make sense to me”.

Some EU critics claim that the proposal made by Cameron will probably not go far enough while others applauded his approach. The mayor of London Boris Johnson described this speech as “bang on” which would present “a chance to get a great new deal for Britain- that will put the UK at the heart of European trade but that will also allow us to think globally”.

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