British Holidaymakers Fall Victim To Unfamiliar Laws Abroad

Unexpectedly many Britons who wished to spend their holidays abroad but did not made a prior research on the destination they had chosen, turned out to be on the wrong side of the law.

In the words of The Foreign Office the problems which British citizens had overseas were due to the fact that they did not know or did not want to adhere the laws and traditions of these countries. Some of the people were wearing camouflaged clothing, some were feeding pigeons, going to casinos and playing bingo or even chewing gum while being at the public transport.

About 25 percent of the UK citizens, who preferred unknown countries in order to relax, finished their tours at the local arrests of these countries and need to deal with lots of documents after.

Charles Hay, director of consular services, said: “Every year British nationals find themselves on the wrong side of the law unexpectedly, resulting in fines or in some cases arrests or even jail sentences”.

He reminded all the UK citizens that laws are not the same all around the world so when they go out of the UK they had better have this in mind otherwise they could be either fined or sent to jail.

If most of these people took the trouble to research the destination before they went there, they could have avoided them.

Tourists need to know that for example when going to Barcelona they should not go bare-chested or wear a bikini except at the city’s beaches. Laws in Venice forbid people to feed the pigeons.

However, researches show that only one in five people of those who go to foreign countries for their vacations, forget to examine the laws before their holiday.