UK Border Controls to be Relaxed

Relaxation of border controls is required by the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz asked the home secretary Theresa May to make sure entering the country will be relaxed, being careful to keep safety risks as low as possible.

Many people entering the UK for the Olympic games are finding it difficult and too time consuming, with some people waiting more than three-hour queues at the airports. The Home Affairs Select Committee published a report today, recommending that “risk-based” pilot scheme that was cancelled last November be reinstated immediately.

According to that scheme the pilot enable the border control staff with the opportunity to decide which foreign travelers might pass through without being necessary to follow the completed and time-consuming checks. Example of such passengers are school children groups. Keith Vaz says: . “We don’t believe they should be given the same kind of priority as someone who is profiled as being a cause for concern.”

A number of other recommendations have been included in today`s report, such as addition of boards showing the approximate waiting time, and do the necessary steps in order to make accurate predictions of how long travellers will be made to wait.

The Minister of Immigration has already taken important steps to allow the border controls work smoother and faster during the Olympics, Keith Vaz praised him for doing so – “I am very pleased to see that the Minister for Immigration has kept his promise to the Committee that during the Olympics every kiosk at airports in the South East would be manned. However he is concerned about the recent delays and hopes more effective measures to be provided. He also said that it would be unacceptable to allow the ponderous procedures return after the end of the Olympic Games.
“However, as the Olympics finish international students will begin to arrive. We must ensure that the situation does not revert back to that witnessed prior to the Olympics.”