Survey Reveals Vast Gulf In Bonuses Received By Men And Women

A recent survey showed that when talking about bonuses women receive twice less than men at the same positions.

XpertHR held a research among 43,000 UK workers due to which the bonuses for the last 12 months of female managers are averagely £3,029. On the other hand, men working in similar positions have received about £6,442 each.

The differences were huge between the average bonuses of men and women in higher positions. Here males receive £63,700 and females only £36,270 which is a difference of about 76%. Download employment document templates drafted by UK solicitors.

This means that over the course of a career a man would earn £141,500 more than his female counterparts.

After the evidence found by this survey at entry level women earn £989 more than men but at middle-management level again men are winners with £1,760 more. At directory level the gap becomes much bigger with difference of about £15,561.

According to Ann Francke from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the organisation which supported the survey, such a disparity should not exist in modern times.

“Equal pay has been around for 40 years as law but we are still not there,” she said, referring to the Equal Pay Act 1970. “We are at the bottom of the tree, not the top – and that is quite shocking.”

In her opinion if women had more access to higher positions businesses would develop better and faster.

Figures of Boardwatch UK showed that the number of women on the boards of organizations this year has fallen for the first time since 1999.

The shadow minister for women and equalities said she was quite disappointed by these figures as women were as a whole getting only three quarters of the pay that male executives received, half of the money the receive as bonuses and despite this their number was still falling.