Try Our New Service – Fixed Fee Legal Advice!

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We truly believe that everyone is entitled to high quality legal advice at the most affordable prices, so we joined forces with Click Law 24 and now we can offer you Fixed Fee Legal Advice from UK Barristers for as little as £50!

Click Law 24 is a service provided by EDC Lord Co Solicitors and Six Pump Court Barristers’ Chambers.

Click Law 24 gives you access to Barrister drafted advice.

We can now offer fixed fee Barrister drafted advice on:

  • Family Law
  • Employment
  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Rights
  • Landlord & Tenant/Property Disputes
  • Company Law
  • Contract
  • Inheritance/Wills
  • Criminal Law


Save time and money by using this new service for your legal needs!

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