Man Arrested for Painting a Post Box in Gold

The Olympic sailing champion – Ben Ainslie received a gold-painted post box painted as a tribute to his medal, however his outrageous fan has been later arrested for vandalism.

At 1:30on Saturday 54-year-old Rob Smith of Lymington decided to praise the gold-medal winner for his achievement by painting a local post box with a golden car paint. The reason for this appraisal is that Ben Ainslie lives and trains locally. Rob Smith has been arrested under accusations of vandalism and criminal damage, but he was released on bail later the same day. His actions were not provoked by alcohol or drugs, but from pure enthusiasm.

Actually, Ainslie was born and raised in Cornwall, that`s why he already has a golden post-box as a tribute there. However Rob Smith probably felt that  he is strongly attached to the area where he lives and trains as well, so he took the opportunity to become something like a “local hero”. He describes the choice not to paint a post-box in Lymington, but in Cornwall as “madness”. Although he was arrested, he still believes the Post Office has made the wrong choice – “all of Lymington believes that the Post Office made the wrong choice in painting one down in Cornwall”.

“I did it because I’m a passionate sportsman, I think the Olympics have been brilliant, Ben’s achievements have been outstanding,” said Smith. ”Everything about Ben is Lymington, he lives here, most of his sailing friends are based down here and for all of us that know him down here, we just wanted to say thank you for being the best sailor in Olympic history. We’ve got to recognise these people and say thank you.”

A spokesman for the Post Office made a statement in regard to the Smith`s deal by saying:
“We are extremely disappointed that someone has chosen to vandalise this particular post box.“It is illegal to tamper with any of our post boxes and we are liaising with our engineers to ensure that it is repainted red as soon as possible.”

In order to celebrate the achievements  of the GB Team, The Post Office vowed to paint local post boxes in a golden hue for every gold medal won. It is interesting that many people decided this scheme was enough and for that reason now Great Britain has quite a few post-boxes painted in silver and bronze as well.