GCSE Reforms rejected in Wales

After the decision of the Welsh government to rebuff the proposed changes to GCSE exams in England there is a big chance that a schism forms between the English and Welsh educational systems.

While Wales is going to continue in the same way as now, in England GCSE will be replaced by the English Baccalaureate for subjects such as English and Maths.

There is a special system of examinations in Scotland and a review is to be carried out in Northern Ireland.

Jeff Cuthbert, the Deputy Minister of Skills said: “We will retain GCSEs and A-levels. Where necessary we will strengthen and amend these, but ultimately we have confidence in these well-established qualifications, which are recognised around the world.”

He also mentioned he wanted “best for students” in Wales no matter if this meant “diverging from England and the rest of the UK”.

As it was said new GCSEs in English Language, Welsh First Language and Maths will be offered alongside a “revised, more rigorous” Welsh Baccalaureate.

Head teachers in Wales welcomed the decision of their government. In the words of Gareth Jones from the Welsh branch of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) English universities had been taking Scottish students for years.

Another thing that Welsh government refused to accept were the changes to the A-level system in England recently announced by Michael Gove.

The spokesperson of the Department for Education said he cared about the Welsh education system.

“We are solely concerned with doing what is best for English students. That is why we are transforming the education system to raise standards in this country to prepare pupils to compete in a global jobs market.”

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