Chief Mitchell unfortunate outburst

Andrew Mitchell has recently apologized in public for police altercation. He was reported to have caused an angry confrontation with the security guards at 10 Downing Street for not opening the front gates and letting him drive off on his bicycle. Mr. Mitchell has already apologized in public and it is said that the police officers have accepted his apology. However, there are still many people who want to see him resign. Mr. Mitchell may wish for things to settle and for people to forget about the incident, however, it will not be that easy given the recent shooting in Manchester where two police men were killed while on duty.

Andrew Mitchell, Tory Chief Whip, is said to have apologized after causing an angry confrontation with a police officer. The incident happened on Downing Street last Wednesday when Mitchell was leaving the premises of 10 Downing Street. Michael wished to cycle through the main gaits, but the police officer did not let him do that. The reason for this was due to the security rules which restrict the guard police to open the front gates often. He swore at the guard police officers because they refused to open the gates for him. Mr. Mitchell was also reported to have called them ‘plebs’.

After this incident, Mr. Mitchell received a lot of criticism and there was also a dressing down from David Cameron himself. Furthermore, there were some people who asked for him to resign his post. Last week, Mr. Mitchell apologized publicly for causing the ugly confrontation. He added that despite the fact that he did not use the words which were attributed to them, he admits that he did not treat the policemen with the respect that they deserve.  It was also announced that the police officers at the gate have accepted his apology and everything was all right.

Even though the incident has been put to rest, there is still pressure from different quarters. Mr. Mitchell pronounced that he would like to ‘draw a line’ and forget the incident ever happened. He claims that some of the words that have been attributed to him have not been actually used. He was, at that time, very modest with what he said. However, many people, including Deputy PM Nick Clegg, have asked him to actually clarify what words he has used and what exactly he said.

The chairmen of Met Police Federation, Mr. John Tully has requested Downing Street to launch an enquiry and make things clear. According to him, the fact that Mr. Mitchell put the officer’s integrity into question is unacceptable. The time of the incident was completely unfortunate for chief Mitchell as only recently two policemen got killed in Manchester while serving their duties. Mr. Mitchell might have apologized in public for causing the ugly incident, but things may not settle as soon as he hopes.

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