Minimum alcohol pricing: Five countries oppose Scottish drink plan

The plans of Scotland for minimum alcohol pricing were opposed by five European wine-producing nations.

France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria shared their opinion that such changes may turn out to be devastating on spirits industry. According to them such reforms would breach European free trade law.By the way, do you have our Alcohol and Drug policy.

However, Scottish government called the minimum pricing- “perfectly legal”.

Only Irish , out of 12 countries that have expressed their views, claims they have nothing against the minimum pricing.

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), spiritsEUROPE and the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins have already challenged in court the legality of the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act.

The beginning was not hopeful- on 3 May the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the minimum pricing law was legal. But SWA does not stop with its appeals against that decision.

An SWA spokeswoman said: “The Scottish Court of Session failed to give any consideration to the effect of minimum unit pricing on producers in other European Union member states.”

According to a senior Scottish government source the minimum price would not be applied within the next 12 months.

If the proposal is accepted a bottle of wine in Scotland with an alcoholic strength of 12.5% would cost at least £4.69.

Ministers stated that alcohol abuse problem will be solved to some extent with this law on the minimum price of alcohol.

Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil had many difficulties in persuading most of the EU member states that this law needed to be accepted.

Portuguese claimed this minimum pricing would be disastrous for many of the companies in the sector.

Lisbon considered such a law a discriminatory one because British manufacturers had higher production costs and higher prices than continental European wine-producers.

France pointed out that “the average price of a bottle of wine produced in the United Kingdom is higher than the average price of imported wine”.

Bulgaria said wine and spirit producers will have to face many obstacles.

Spain and Italy shared the views of the other countries opposing the law.


Jack 3D Supplement – You are in Danger

After Claire Squire died while running the London Marathon and the investigation ascertained her death was caused by supplements her boyfriend called for greater control.

On April 22nd last year she collapsed because she had used the then-legal supplement know as Jack 3D. Since this case Jack 3D is been banned in the UK. It was proved to contain DMAA (dimethylamine) which athletes use for more energy and concentration.

The case with Clair was not the only such one- while practicing fitness two US soldiers died of cardiac arrest because of the usage of this drug.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has also banned DMAA.

Simon van Herrewege, Claire’s boyfriend, said that before the marathon she put some Jack3D in her water no matter she did not normally use it.

“She never particularly liked it but wanted to beat her previous marathon time,” he said. “In her own words, ‘if I hit a bit of a wall, I might take this drink and see if it pushes me through the end of the marathon’.”

In the words of Dr Philip Barlow the combination of DMAA and the extreme physical exertion resulted in her death. He added he hoped this case would make people think about this problem and manage to prevent such future events.

Simon shared that his girlfriend had been “passionately against the use of drugs” but she decided to use the supplement for better shape.

“She innocently took a supplement which at the time was entirely legal, and widely available on the high-street, and somewhat worryingly, apparently used by so many others,” van Herrewege told reporters when he went outside the court.

Jack 3D is still obtainable in the UK but the DMAA has been removed from it. However DMAA is something people may order online.

May be it will be good to consider a Alcohol and Drug Policy for your business, as this might save you lots of trouble.