Government Taken To Task Over Compensation Culture Myth

A health and safety journal has recently announced that the claims of the government for”compensation culture” were nonsensical. Buy Health and Safety documents.

A health and safety publication Hazards claims that the number of people getting payouts for injury or disease resulting from work, has fallen with 60% over the past decade.

In the time between 2011-2012 only 87,655 people had received compensations and back in 2000-2001 their number was 219,183.

Due to different statistics most of the people suffering from terminal conditions contracted in the workplace have no chance of getting any compensation.

An appropriate example for the mentioned is the fact that for the last year 4,000 workers have died from occupational emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and only 59 workers managed to get compensation for the harsh working conditions.

Last year Prime Minister David Cameron commented: “It is simply much too easy for no-win-no-fee lawyers to encourage trivial claims against businesses, which end up settling out of court because it’s too expensive to fight the case. It’s a huge part of our compensation culture and it must change.”

He promised public to change the health and safety law in case so that businesses will not be considered faulty each time when something went wrong.

According to Rory O’Neill, editor of Hazards most of the workers were dying not only in pain but also in poverty.

However, a spokesman for the government announced it was trying to make new health and safety rules and give its best in order to protect their workers.


Man Arrested Over Abusive Tweets To Feminist Campaigner

After the feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez received abuse and rape threats via Twitter, the man who sent them was arrested.

As it was announced that the image of Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note would be replaced by that of Winston Churchill, Ms Criado-Perez began a petition claiming that the Bank of England had to add the image of a woman to a UK banknote.

Right after the changes considering the face of Churchill were introduced, it became evident that the author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, would replace Charles Darwin on the £10 note.

These are good news for all women but Ms Criado-Perez received a torrent of sexist abuse on Twitter. By the way, please make yourself aware of our Computer-E-mail-Internet Usage Policy template

In her words the abusive tweets were about 50 for just 12 hours. In some of the messages she read threats of raping and killing her. It seems that some of the men who threatened her have created accounts on Twitter with the only aim to harass her.

Yesterday, a man was arrested in Manchester in relation to an allegation of malicious communications made in Camden on Thursday.

Twitter faced harsh criticism on the way they answered to Ms Criado-Perez to call for the social network to introduce a “Report Abuse” button.

“It’s sadly not unusual to get this kind of abuse but I’ve never seen it get as intense or aggressive as this,” she said. “It’s infuriating that the price you pay for standing up for women is 24 hours of rape threats.”

She supported her words by the fact that the Bank of England had changed its mind so Twitter could do the same.



Apple To Face Fresh Labour Abuse Claims

Apple will once more face allegations of workers’ rights violations.

After a report of China Labour Watch the contractor of Apple- Pegatron is to be blamed for the poor living conditions and withholding workers’ pay as well as for environmental and safety violations.
In case these allegations are confirmed Pegatron would be in violation of both Chinese law and Apple’s supplier policy.

The mission of China Labour Watch is to defend workers’ rights in China. According to their report after many investigations it was ascertained that many international laws and standards have been violated by Pegatron.Make sure your business meets all the criteria by buying legal documents and policies from The Legal Stop.

Early this morning Apple commented: “Apple is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions throughout our supply chain.”

Similar accusations have been made against Apple in 2010. The case is known as the Foxconn suicides when 18 employees attempted suicides. Then fourteen of them died. The reasons for these suicides are considered to be the poor conditions and more than 72 hours working with no breaks.

According to the executive director of China Labour Watch the factories of Pegatron and their working conditions were far worse than those at Foxconn factories.

Jason Cheng, the chief executive of Pegatron, announced that these allegations were a serious thing and added that “We will investigate them fully and take immediate actions to correct any violations to Chinese labour laws and our own code of conduct.”

China Labour Watch stated they would continue checking different factories and insist on reimbursement of all workers who were either underpaid or denied compensation.



Father of Clare Wood Calls for Rollout of Domestic Violence Law

After the murder of Clare Wood by her ex-partner, her father insists that the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) has to be rolled out across the UK.

This scheme would make it possible for everyone to get in touch with the police and check if their partner has in the past had any abusive offences.

Greater Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Gwent, and Wiltshire are already trying the scheme. Аlso, please check out Health and Safety -HR documents.

The number of disclosure applications the police has received recently is significant. Their number is 102 for Wiltshire and only 39 for Gwent.

According to Michael Brown, Clare Wood’s father, this large number of applications meant people needed the change.

“At present the trial is only being used in four counties, but in those counties we are having anything up to 100 applications so far,” he said. “If you multiply that by the number of police forces in England and Wales, that’s somewhere in the region of 4,300 people a year being helped.”

The man who killed Clare Wood had in the past committed many violent and abusive offences against women. Ms Wood’s father believes Clare’s law would have saved the life of his daughter, as at that time she had no way to find out about the past acts of her partner.   Polly Neate, from the Women’s Aid charity, commented that in her view Clare’s Law would not be helpful to most of the victims of domestic violence.

“Many perpetrators of domestic violence do not have a previous conviction, so a woman might find out that her partner does not have a previous conviction but that doesn’t always mean he isn’t dangerous.”

In the words of policing minister Damian Green the government had set aside £40m in order to cope with domestic sexual violence.


Poll Suggests Public Favour Government Press Regulation Plans

Due to a poll of YouGov the public likes more the idea about the government’s royal charter on press regulation compared to the alternative plan put forward by the industry.

About a half of those asked, answered they would give their support for the parliament-backed charter. The percentage of those who claimed they would rather back up the press’s proposals was only 13%.

The decision on press regulation is still not taken but 68% of people shared that in case newspaper publishers establish the new press regulation they would definitely not trust them.

Almost half of the people have said that if the press were able to implement their own model it would probably repeat the old cases with the well-documented unethical and illegal practices that took place.

People were also discontented with the time taken to put any system in place.

There were many hearings in 2011 and 2012 after the Leveson Inquiry was conducted through a series of public hearings in.

According to Lord Leveson the Press Complaints Commission needed to be replaced by a new body with fresh powers.

Certain sectors of the press did not like the recommendation, thinking it would have a chilling effect on free speech.By the way do you know about our free legal documents?

Director of the Media Standards Trust Martin Moore said: “This poll shows that the public are in favour of tougher press regulation and have little faith in the system being proposed by publishers. They back the parliamentary charter, and want it to be implemented as soon as possible.”


Suicides Following Police Custody Reach Nine-Year High

Data supplied by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) point out that only for the last year 64 people have committed suicide within two days of release from police custody.

The number for 2011/2012 was only 39 which means that the increase is now significant.May be if these people get proper treatment and help, they could find employment, which will prevent them from commiting a suicide. We have employment document templates, which might be tailored to suit every employer`s needs.

Two thirds of those who were in custody had mental health concerns, 18 were caught because of sexual offences, and other seven have previously been detained under the Mental Health Act.

The chairwoman of the IPCC, Dame Anne Owers, said these figures showed that police is not trained enough in order to deal with people having mental health issues.

“The police are often called in to deal with acutely mentally ill people, who may be a danger to themselves or others or who may be behaving in a disturbing or strange way,” she said. “It is clearly important that they are better trained in mental health awareness.”

According to Deborah Coles, from the charity Inquest, the high number of people who took their lives after they went out of police custody was alarming.  She added that the country needed urgent changes in the national strategy towards those with mental problems. This is the only way, which would change police culture and practice.

IPCC, on the other hand also released information that less people have died in police custody compared to the years since 2004. Another thing mentioned was that there were no fatal police shootings.

Despite this, the number of people who have died during police pursuits is large. Out of 30 road traffic fatalities 26 people lost their lives in police pursuits.


Police To Tackle Sexual Harassment On London Public Transport

Police in London urged the great number of victims of sexual harassment to report the incidents each time they happen.

They are going to do everything possible in order to stop or at least decrease the rate of such experiences and this is why 2,000 of the London police officers have received training in dealing with sexual offences.

They will watch carefully buses, underground and overground trains where sexual harassment do happen most often.

As travelers in the London’s transport system have made complaints that they were not feeling safe enough, this project will now provide up to 180 officers on the stations across London.By the way have you checked our Anti-bulling and harassment policy?

Sexual harassment was the thing, they mentioned most often and shared they were afraid of it.

Most of the victims of such incidents do not even report them as they are sure police will not do anything in order to help them.

According to Ricky Twyford, an inspector who is managing the project, its aim was to encourage women speak up about these incidents.

“We hope this will send a message to everyone that we will not tolerate this behaviour,” Twyford commented. “We want women to feel confident that they will be listened to and their complaints will all be taken seriously.”

The national End Violence Against Women coalition, Everyday Sexism, and international movement Hollaback were drafted in assistance of the project.

This project is expected to take action against any perpetrators and at the same time to establish the scope of the problem and help its salvation.


Barclays Hit With $453m Fine By US Energy Regulators

Barclays were fined $453m (£300m) because they have been manipulating electricity prices.

The UK bank was given 30 day in order to pay back the profits they gained of the manipulated prices in California and other US states.

The Financial Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said that their actions “demonstrate an affirmative, coordinated and intentional effort to carry out a manipulative scheme”.

The regulators built their case on evidence acquired from electronic communications between traders. They were caught boasting their ability to manipulate market in many messages.By the way, did you check our business document templates?

Barclays, on the other hand, said they were disappointed by the action of FERC as according to their words there was nothing they had to be fined for. They added they would defend themselves and their reputation.

Trading for which they are accused of took place between November 2006 and December 2008.

The FERC expressed their concerns due to the fact that Barclays did not try to remedy them.

In spite of this, Barclays claimed they were acting legitimately, and in “compliance with applicable law”.

In the recent years there are always scandals around Barclays.

In 2012, UK and US regulators fined them £290m because they had tried to manipulate interest rates  and earn money from the borrowing of million people around the world.

FERC was praised by Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, on the message they send to traders and banks. In his words customers should stop living with the feeling that traders are “stacking the deck against them to rack up unjust profits”.


Google competition plan ‘not good enough’ – EU official

As an answer to the accusation that Google uses its 90% market share of internet search in Europe to popularize its own services, the company answered they would change the way some results are displayed.

However, European Commission competition chief Joaquin Almunia commented that Google’s proposal was not good enough. By the way, have you seen The Legal Stop`s corporate document templates?

On Wednesday Mr. Almunia said: “I concluded that proposals that Google sent to us months ago are not enough to overcome our concerns”.

Al Verney, Google’s spokesman said their offer was in force only on the areas of concern that the EU mentioned.

Those were:

  • how Google favours its own services in its search results
  • how it displays content from other websites
  • how it manages adverts appearing next to search results
  • how its actions affect marketers’ ability to buy adverts through rival networks

Both Google and the commission mentioned they were ready to reach a settlement.

The proposal of Google, which came in April, was to start displaying links to rivals close to where it displayed its own services on its results page.

Another proposal was that the results of YouTube, Google Maps and its other sites would be more clearly labeled.

Other companies, on the other hand, said these steps would not be enough in order to show any progress.

“It is clear that mere labelling is not any kind of solution to the competition concerns that have been identified. Google should implement the same ranking policy to all websites,” Microsoft said in April.

Google’s proposals were submitted to the complainants, who in this case are a group of businesses including Microsoft, Expedia and Trip Advisor.

A study of UK web users commissioned by the group, suggested that one in five of the 1,888 people studied clicked on Google’s commercial web services, and only one in 200 clicked on its rivals’.


Retail sales rise 0.2% after discounting by department stores

Because of the department store discounts in June retail sales in the UK rose by 0.2% compared to the previous month which meant about 2.2% higher than sales in the previous year. Please check our sales and purchase agreement template.

According to analysts consumers buy more due to the good weather so the growth in retail sales has to continue.

“The weather will have lifted consumers’ spirits and willingness to spend, as will a recent series of positive economic indicators including increased housing activity, stable inflation and a small rise in lending,” said Ian Geddes, UK head of retail at Deloitte.

For June sales have grown with 3% which is the highest growth since March 2012.

Clearance sales and different promotions helped the department stores sell their goods faster.

A growth in the sector by 0.9% is expected by the ONS for the second quarter of the year.

About 5.7% of economy is based on retail industry.

ONS announced that supermarkets’ food sales fell in June by 0.1% and non-food stores grew by 0.6%.

Unfortunately consumers still do not spend much money because of the inflation and the fact that their wages do not change for better.

Data show that the annual rate of inflation rose to 2.9% in June, and annual wage growth was 1% in the three months to May 30.

In the words of Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, the second quarter of the year was extremely good for retail sales and the rate of growing would rise almost twice.

“The data add to evidence that the pace of economic recovery has clearly picked up since earlier in the year, and there are encouraging signs that momentum will be sustained as we move into the second half of 2013.”