Think Tank Recommends Penalty For Young Non-Voters

An idea was soon proposed that young people who has the right to vote for the first time but do not do it have to be penalized. This proposal came from the Institute for Public Policy Research in the view of which those who decide not to give their votes the first time when they receive this opportunity should get a light fine.

In case there are youngsters who do not like any of the candidates they would have the opportunity to abstain as long as they go to the polls.

A research of IPPR shows a great disparity in turnout between the young and old.

Data from the think tank point out that in 2013 local elections the percentage of those who went voting from 18- to 24-year-olds was 32%. However, those over the age of 65, were about 72%.

Associate director of the IPPR Guy Lodge said that because of the low percentage of young people voting, politicians would not pay almost any attention to them. In his words the fact that these youngsters preferred not to vote even in the first time they gained the chance to meant they would not do it regularly in the future. If these were made to vote at least the first time, there is a chance that they could change their opinion on the elections and continue voting. You can also have you vote by choosing legal document templates from The Legal Stop

“Unequal turnout unleashes a vicious cycle of disaffection and under-representation. As policy becomes less responsive to their interests, more and more decide that politics has little to say to them.”

The co-author of the report, Sarah Birch, added that this would not be so strange because it would not be the first thing young people are required to do. At least they have to go to school no matter if they want it or not.




Furniture Stores Accused Of Misleading Customers

It was proved that High Street retailers of furniture and carpets were trying to deceive their clients offering them goods with false prices.

The results from the inspection of the stores of Carpetright, Dreams, DFS, SCS Upholstery, Furniture Village, Harveys and Benson Beds showed that these used different tricks in order to make people believe they saved money. You can buy a Contract for the Sale of Goods from  The Legal Stop.

The OFT criticized the deals claiming to sell goods at half price. It found out that often before the reduction of a certain article no items of the sort have been sold.

The opinion of OFT is that the previously high prices of the goods were not quite legitimate and this is in fact the main reason why such big sales were now possible.

Usually customers are easily duped to buy something when they see its price is reduced so much.

The final decision of OFT on this matter was that this was an “endemic” problem within the industry.

Gaucho Rasmussen of the OFT said: “Reference pricing can mislead consumers into thinking the item they have bought is of higher value and quality”.

This week Tesco was fined because it claimed it was selling strawberries at half-price.

The danger which threatens stores which continue to mislead their customers is a fine of up to 30% of their turnover.

After these news shares in Carpetright fell as much as 3%.

The executive director of Which?, Richard Lloyd commented that the special prices should really be special otherwise OFT would resort to serious penalties.

No comment came last night from both DFS or Dreams.

Government Slammed For Removing Protections For Transgender Children

After the decision of the Department of Education (DfE) to remove the protection from discrimination on the basis of gender identity from its guidelines on teaching the national curriculum, LGBT campaigners gave utterance to their disagreement.

Section 4.2 of the previous issue of the DfE’s Draft National Curriculum document, published in February 2013, said: “Teachers should take account of their duties under equal opportunities legislation that covers disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, and religion or belief.”

The last time the document was issued things changed and it referred only to “disability, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation” without mentioning anything about gender and gender identity.May be you will need some Health and Safety Policies for your business.

In the words of a spokesperson for the DfE told Gay Star News teachers knew what pupils wanted and should be able to respond to their needs.

One of the people who said they were against the changes was Zoe Kirk-Robinson, from Conservative LGBT group LBGTory. She said in her opinion the term “sex” did not include gender identity.

She added that the vulnerable transgender children would not feel protected anymore.

In fact they need to be protected better otherwise they would continue experience difficulties at school.

Educational academic Natacha Kennedy said: “I have encountered systematic transphobia on the part of many schools, and consequently there appears to be two default positions for trans children in most schools: fearfully hiding in the closet, and consequently underperforming academically, or out as trans and bullied out of school.”

In her view UK educational system should not erasure trans people from the National Curriculum.

Private Clinics Rapped Over 100% Safety Claim

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) told a chain of private clinics that the vaccines they offered for measles, mumps and rubella were not 100% safe.

The triple MMR jab was offered an alternative while the measles outbreak in South Wales lasted.

Six people sent their complaints to ASA describing seven different issues related to CIC’s website and safety records.You can download Health and Safety Policies for your business on The Legal Stop`s website.

These complaints consider in the majority of the cases children who suffered after being vaccinated. This evidence shows that no matter how many times clinics claim they have the 100% safety record, they in fact do not tell the whole truth.

The opinion of the broadcaster and journalist Vivienne Parry is that these companies had betrayed the trust of their patients lying that they held the 100% safety record when the details of emergency hospitalization showed something much different.

“I knew that a 100% safety record amongst 18,000 children was statistically as unlikely as hen’s teeth. They claimed that not one of 18,000 children vaccinated by them had developed autism but how did they know this. The truth is, they didn’t.”

There were other complaints the target of which was the promotion of prescription-only medicine, and the hidden connections between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Two of the people who sent complaints thought that the website would most probably cause fear and distress. The current form of the site has to be changed otherwise it would not be able to function at all.

CIC was told to stop promoting prescription-only medicines and to remove such claims as the one of the 100% safety record.

Fiona Dickson, managing director of CIC, said despite the ruling: “I think we do a very good job. People make a choice to come to us and we give them very good service.”

Survey Reveals Vast Gulf In Bonuses Received By Men And Women

A recent survey showed that when talking about bonuses women receive twice less than men at the same positions.

XpertHR held a research among 43,000 UK workers due to which the bonuses for the last 12 months of female managers are averagely £3,029. On the other hand, men working in similar positions have received about £6,442 each.

The differences were huge between the average bonuses of men and women in higher positions. Here males receive £63,700 and females only £36,270 which is a difference of about 76%. Download employment document templates drafted by UK solicitors.

This means that over the course of a career a man would earn £141,500 more than his female counterparts.

After the evidence found by this survey at entry level women earn £989 more than men but at middle-management level again men are winners with £1,760 more. At directory level the gap becomes much bigger with difference of about £15,561.

According to Ann Francke from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the organisation which supported the survey, such a disparity should not exist in modern times.

“Equal pay has been around for 40 years as law but we are still not there,” she said, referring to the Equal Pay Act 1970. “We are at the bottom of the tree, not the top – and that is quite shocking.”

In her opinion if women had more access to higher positions businesses would develop better and faster.

Figures of Boardwatch UK showed that the number of women on the boards of organizations this year has fallen for the first time since 1999.

The shadow minister for women and equalities said she was quite disappointed by these figures as women were as a whole getting only three quarters of the pay that male executives received, half of the money the receive as bonuses and despite this their number was still falling.


Justice Minister To Call For Magistrates To Take Larger Role

In a speech to magistrates justice minister Damian Green will defend the view that more had to be done so that magistrates become as useful as they have to be.

He will try to assure them that whenever cases are heard in the appropriate courts they run easier and with fewer problems.Do you know that The Legal Stop now offers court representation service?

Mr. Green will also mention the fact that a magistrate could sentence four out of ten defendants sent to the crown court.

“Around 40% of defendants that are convicted in magistrates courts and then committed to the crown court for custodial sentences receive no more than six months’ imprisonment,” he will say. “These are cases which magistrates could have sentenced; no, these are cases which magistrates should have sentenced; they already have the skills, capability and powers to do so.”

Such a change would contribute to the plan of the government to make UK courts work more efficiently.

Other part of the reforms will be the introduction of dedicated traffic courts, the aim of which will be to attend low-level traffic offences.

He is at the opinion that three magistrates should not lose their time for people who even do not turn up at court in the end. The proposal of Mr. Green is that an office and only one magistrate are just enough in similar cases.

Before the speech he shared his view that nowadays magistrates dealt with cases with are below their standards and potentialities.

“They volunteer to give their skills, expertise and time for the good of others, for nothing. We are lucky to have them, and we should be proud of them.”


Ryanair To Sue Channel 4 Over Dispatches Programme

The publishers of the Daily Mail and Channel 4 will most probably be sued by Ryanair because of assertions about the airline’s attitude towards safety.

Because of the documentary ‘Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit’ where the pilot John Goss mentioned the airline’s safety policy on the national television he was immediately sacked.See our range of Health and Safety Documents

The low budget airline stated: “We will not allow a Ryanair employee to defame our safety on national television”.

In their words only three weeks earlier Goss claimed he did not concern in any way about the safety of the airline.

Because of this, Ryanair stated they intended to take more serious libel action against Associated Newspapers Ltd, publisher of the Daily Mail.

Ryanair’s PR agency rejected to share the title, or titles, which will be the target of legal proceedings. Their spokeswoman came out with the words that they would not comment pending legal cases.

The legal representatives for Ryanair, Johnsons confirmed that the Dublin’s high court has already been hearing the cases on the matter.

The law firm said “We have been instructed to vigorously prosecute these libel proceedings”.

According to its representatives these allegations were far from the real situation.

All pilots working in Ryanair had the chance to read a memo describing the reasons for the dismissal of pilot John Goss.

Ryanair tried to assure everyone that safety is the most important thing for them and they always put it at first place.

Johnsons said passengers had nothing to worry about because according to their words Ryanair was working with the safest airlines in Europe and had a 29- year safety record.


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Romanian And Bulgarian Workers Up By 26%

Due to the latest data the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK has risen drastically by 26%. The Office for National Statistics announced that only for the months between April and June more than 141,000 people from these countries were in employment. Their number for the three previous months was 112,000.

Compared to the same three months from the year before, new figures show an increase of about 35%.

Next year these immigrants will get the possibility to search for more different types of jobs which are now prohibited for them. This means that more and more people will make their way to the UK.

Since Bulgaria and Romania became part of the EU in 2007 their citizens started travelling without visas but had prohibition to practice certain jobs.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “This increase of just over a third in Romanian and Bulgarian workers in the UK over the past year is a sharp increase on the previous trend.”

He added he in fact expected that as labour market will be fully open from next year on the country would become a pretty attractive place for Bulgarians and Romanians.

There are still no officially published expectations about the increase of immigrants. Both countries, on the other hand, claim predictions are not correct and there would not be such a mass influx.

Sarah Mulley, associate director for migration and communities at the Institute for Public Policy Research, said the exact number of immigrants was not that important. What is in fact really important is that the government had be prepared for everything.


Law Professor Says Thieves And Fraudsters Should Not Face Jail

Not long ago, a top criminal lawyer made a proposal that changes need to be done and thieves and fraudsters do not go to jail any more. Get a fixed fee legal advice now.

According to Professor Andrew Ashworth, Vinerian Professor of English Law at Oxford University, people who had committed offences which are not that big should not go to prison. This is why he released a pamphlet through the Howard League for Penal Reform.

Its title is ‘What if imprisonment were abolished for property offences?’. In his opinion the only people whose crimes are so serious as they deserve to go to prison, are those who have committed violent or sexual crimes or who have behaved in a threatening manner.

Instead of prison people with lighter crimes like for example thefts, handling of stolen goods, criminal damages or frauds should either be fined in the proper way or face community service.

He claims this change would slash the number of prison populations in England and Wales by nearly 6,000. BBC’s legal correspondent Clive Colman says that if this happens £230m would be saved each year.

“We should be reserving our most severe form of punishment for our most serious types of offending,” said Ashworth. “Should someone be sent to prison and deprived of their liberty for an offence that involves no violence, no threats and no sexual assault?

He added that only those with sufficiently serious crimes have to face prison.

Such property offences as robbery and burglary are of threatening nature so they have to lead to a potential stint in jail.

The aim of the mentioned pamphlet is to set the beginning of a debate on the topic when being distributed to magistrates’ courts in England and Wales.