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It is considered good practice to have a Recruitment Policy in place.


A Recruitment Policy enables companies to state their rules and regulations in terms of employment. It sets out the steps that must be followed during the recruitment process which include: writing a job description and person specification, choosing selection methods, preparing the job advertisement, short listing candidates, interviewing, checking references and making a job offer.


The purpose of the Recruitment Policy template is to ensure that employers have a consistent, fair, and cost effective approach to the way that they recruit and select candidates.


The aims of the Policy and of the recruitment procedure are to enable selection of the best person for the job, to provide a structured approach to the recruitment process, to ensure consistency is achieved across the organisation and, to comply with Employment legislation.


This Policy is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English, easy to use and edit.



Please note that this Recruitment Policy is also contained in the Recruitment Pack.