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Organisations making use of laptops and other portable devices for business use should have in place a formal Laptop & Mobile Working Policy in order to minimise information security risks associated with using mobile computing and communication facilities.


All company computer systems face information security risks. However laptops and any other portable device, whilst they are essential business tools, their portability makes them particularly vulnerable to physical damage, theft and viruses.


A Laptop & Mobile Working Policy helps employers and organisations limit misuse of laptops and other portable devices by setting out guidelines for their proper use. This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy provides a framework for employers to clearly set out what is and what is not permitted use. Special care should be taken to ensure that business information is not compromised and this Policy sets out the appropriate security measures that should be adopted to protect against the risks of using mobile computing and communication facilities.


This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy takes into account the risks of working with mobile computing equipment in unprotected environments and includes requirements for physical protection, access controls, cryptographic techniques, back-ups, and virus protection. The Policy also includes rules and advice on connecting mobile facilities to networks and guidance on the use of these facilities in public places.


This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy is fully comprehensive and has been widely drafted to suit all organizations. It is also flexible in that it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.


This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy is recommended for adoption by organisations of all types where laptop computers are used. For the purpose of this Policy “laptop” should be taken to include laptops, palmtops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and any other portable device that is used to store and process company information. The Policy is equally applicable to contractors, services providers and other organisations or agencies that use laptop computers and other mobile devices to process company information in the performance of their duties.


This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy contains the following clauses:


  1. Introduction
  2. Scope

  3. Company Laptops

  4. Virus Protection

  5. Security

  6. Software

  7. Inappropriate Materials

  8. Personal Laptops

  9. Policy Violations



This Laptop & Mobile Working Policy template is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English, easy to use and edit.