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A Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby a person called the "Donor" gives another person or persons the power to act on his behalf. The authority granted can be general or limited to specific affairs. The person or persons to whom the powers are granted are called "Attorneys". A Power of Attorney generally last for a specified period of time or until it is revoked by a Deed of Revocation.


There is no requirement for a Power of Attorney to be registered in order to be valid and it has effect once signed.


If the Donor does not wish to give the Attorney a general power he/she can limit the Attorney's activities to specific areas of the Donor's property and financial affairs, such as operating bank/building society accounts or signing cheques.


This Power of Attorney – Bank Account template has been specifically drafted to use where a person wants to give to someone the authority to act on his behalf in relation to operating his bank account. It is a limited Power of Attorney so it confers upon the Attorney the authority to act on behalf of the Donor only in relation to the management of the Donor’s bank account.  


This Power of Attorney – Bank Account allows the Donor to decide whether the Power of Attorney will last for a specific period of time for example 12 months, or until the Donor revokes it by a Deed of Revocation. For a Deed of Revocation please see Deed of Revocation - Revocation Power of Attorney.


Please do not confuse this Power of Attorney - Bank Account with a Corporate Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney.


A Corporate Power of Attorney is used when a Company wishes to grant to certain specified individuals (the Attorneys) a general power to act on its behalf in relation to a specific transaction. A Lasting Power of Attorney (previously known as Enduring Power of Attorney) has been introduced by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and it allows individuals to appoint Attorneys to look after their property and financial affairs and also to make health and personal welfare decisions when they lack the capacity to make these decisions themselves in the future. Attorneys can only use the Lasting Power of Attorney after it has been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.


For a Corporate Power of Attorney please see Corporate Power of Attorney, for a Lasting Power of Attorney please see our Free Documents: Lasting Power of Attorney - Health & Welfare - Creation and Registration Pack and Lasting Power of Attorney - Property & Financial Affairs - Creation & Registration Pack.