Youth Offender Education and Secure Colleges

Talking about the future of young custody the government has announced plans to “put education at the heart of detention”.

Chris Graying said that free schools and academies should provide “secure colleges” for young offenders.

It is a fact that most of the 15-17 years old students who were sent to young offender institutes have been excluded from school and show a literacy level of a child at the age of 7-11.

The better education could provide these young people better way of life as they will acquire skills which would help them when searching a place to work.

The money given on detaining of about 1,800 young people is around £245m a year and this is why Mr. Grayling said the country spent too much money and the results were not satisfactory enough.

He said: “I want to see new models, perhaps something like secure training colleges, providing education in a period of detention rather than detention with education as an afterthought. I want young people to get the education and skills they need to turn their backs on crime for good.”

Nowadays youth offender’s institutes are bound to provide 15 hours of education each week, but the reality usually does not corresponds to the documents.

ManchesterCollege, which is the one of the main institutes that provides such courses, has received some critics on the quality of the courses.

Frances Cook of the Howard League for Penal Reform was confused by the plans, however. “We should never send children to prison to get an education”, she said.

“Almost all the children who end up in custody could be dealt with in the community, and that is the way to get them back into school, college or training”

This case was a good example for the thousands of other unemployed people who were forced to work this way.

These two cases may be assumed as a trouble for the Department of Work and Pensions because they will no longer have the possibility to force people work on their schemes.

“All of those who have been stripped of their benefits have a right to claim the money back that has been unlawfully taken away from them,” added solicitor Tessa Gregory.

However, the DWP said they will still not pay any money.

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