Royal Character for the New Press Regulator

The Conservatives are proposed to set out plans for new press regulator.

There was a proposal by Lord Justice Leveson that a new system be underpinned by statute but the Prime Minister David Cameron rejected it.

A “recognition body” is expected to be set up in order to observe if the new press regulator works in the way it has to.

After the recent phone-hacking scandal Lord Justice Levenson wrote a report in which he talked about an independent self-regulatory watchdog for the press.

The Liberal Democrats supported that plan.

David Cameron, on the other hand, said a bill is not needed so that it sets up the new regime but that the Conservatives should admit that royal charter is the best way for backing of any new press regulator.

These royal characters are documents establishing the terms of organizations and the only way they could be changed is with the approval of the government.

According to the correspondent of BBC, Torin Douglas, the Conservatives do consider this legislation as neither necessary nor desirable.

But Labour said that a royal charter could put too much power in government hands.

The director of the campaign group, Brian Cathcart, said he had not quite well examined the details but he believed that Mr. Cameron had “compromised” with the press.

At a conference in Westminster he said: “Our firm view is that it (the Royal Charter) has to be completely Leveson compliant and utterly crystal clear. On that we had no reassurance from the prime minister.

“The prime minister was not reassuring about the idea that this body would be appointed in a transparent and independent way. He was not reassuring on the legal status of this charter. He gave us no encouragement to believe it would have underpinning in statute.”

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