An Approval from Partner for a Gun License

Recently the home secretary Theresa May offered that people who apply for gun licenses have to bring with them proof of consent from the partner they are now with or from their former one. According to her it was “not appropriate” to allow people get gun licenses in the cases when there were evidence on domestic violence.

Ministers cooperating with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) will try to convince people that domestic violence perpetrators should not be furnished with weapons.

In her letter May also mentioned that the consultation with the partners is a Canadian practice but it is still not established if it will really help reducing the risk of domestic violence.

The shooting of 12 people inCumbriamade the government raise concerns that “involving partners and recent ex-partners in signing applications may put them in a position of vulnerability and increased risk of renewed violence and abuse”.

After this case a recommendation came from the Home Affairs Committee’s 2010 report according to which not only people who had been sent to jail should be banned owning guns but also those with suspended sentences.

Nowadays people with sentences up to three year are not allowed to use guns for five years and those with sentences of five years or more got permanent bans.

Derrick Bird, the men who killed 12 people, was found guilty of theft twenty years ealier but was later allowed to get his gun license.

Currently in the UK the local police officer gives a certificate granting that the applicant has “good reason” for owning one. When filling this application the officer takes into consideration criminal records, mental health problems and past alcohol or drug abuse.

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