Politicians Accused of Seeking Revenge Against Press

According to a statement of Lords Stevens of Ludgate the motives of politicians and celebrities for changes in the laws concerning press are probably not that noble.
His report suggested that there should be a new independent body regulating the press.

The coalition government is never able to reach a common decision- David Cameron disagreed to the idea of changes in press regulation, while the Liberal Democrats and Labour supported the proposal of law changes.

The peer of the UK Independence Party, Lord Stevens, claims MP’s and peers think of the recommended changes as of an opportunity for revenge, “to get back at the press for disclosing all their shenanigans over expenses”.

He was also interested on the motives of celebrities to apply for stricter press control.

“Since the press holds the Government to account, the Government clearly must not regulate newspapers,” Lord Stevens said.

The independent editor Chris Blackhurst also thought that if politics decide on the making of a new legislation to regulate press this will be only because they want to revenge the press.

“Once a draft Bill goes into the Commons and the Lords and once they get their teeth into it they can add all sorts of amendments,” Blackhurst said ominously. “That’s where the revenge will happen. That’s one reason why some of us are very keen that there should not be statute.” The view of Lord Stevens was different from that of the other peers.

The former deputy PM, Lord Prescott said:“The industry have used the same old trick, you delay it in discussion and get near the election and avoid doing anything about it.”

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