Fake Olympic Auction

Recently fans of the Olympic Games made complaints that they paid big money for items from an online auction of Olympic memorabilia and did not receive them.

The organizer of this auction is Sports Limited, the Vancouver-based company behind memorabilia.london2012.com. On this site Olympic enthusiasts can find and buy different stuff connected to the games- from signed pictures to equipment of different athletes.

The auction offered items, for which people paid thousands of pounds.

Now, months after they have won different auctions and paid their acquisitions, many people still wait for them to arrive.

One of the victims Ferris Cowper, posted on the Internet that he had paid £4,300 for an Olympic torch, but added that “this outfit took my money and failed to deliver the torch after four different delivery date promises”.

Damian Kelly, who is another man who has not yet received his items told the Independent that he had paid £7,000.

A solicitor called Mr. Kelly talked to other individuals with the same problem and now he is determined to initiate legal actions.

Today a notice could be seen at the site announcing that Innovative Sports will not start sending items until January 21st 2013 because of a warehouse relocation.

The director explained that no items were fraudulently offered and added that the company had been “caught off guard by the demand”.

On the other hand, he admitted that they did not in fact have some of the items and this is the reason why they had not been delivered.

. “Unfortunately some of the products didn’t materialize in the way they should have. The issue is people wanting products that we just don’t have.

“We are offering everyone affected a 100 per cent full refund. Some people don’t want the refund, they want their products. I don’t know what to do about that.”

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