Women Forced to Hide Their Real Names in Order to Find Job

According to a recent report the non-‘English names of ethnic minority women appear to be an obstacle before them when talking about job opportunities.

This report showed that women from ethnic minorities managed to find jobs after hiding their real names and background.

No matter their religion, Muslim women now agree to remove their hijabs when applying for job because they know it will deter them from finding one.

The co-founder of the Young Black Graduates non-profit organization, Jorden Berkeley, shared that after dropping her first name from her CV she started getting back much more calls than before.

She told the BBC: “I have many, many friends who were effectively told to ‘whiten’ their CVs by dropping ethnic names or activities that could be associated with blackness. It was a very sad realization.”

Another upshot from this report shows that the percent of unemployed women from ethnic minorities is bigger than that of white women. 63.6% of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women fell into this category, compared to 27.5% of white women.

The probable reason that women from ethnic minorities stay at home is that they have to take care of their families but the report claims that there is a chance they lose confidence because of their origins.

The chair of the committee, David Lammy, said that it was a shame for women to hide their names. “All unemployment is tragic but we simply can no longer remain so casual about women that are simultaneously the victims of both sexism and racism when they are competing in the labour market. It has massive implications for families and society as a whole.

“Getting women into jobs is the best way to break families out of the poverty cycle so it is time for the government to make addressing this a priority.”

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