Agnes Collier to Get a Record Personal Injury Compensation

Agnes Collier, who was involved in a car accident five years ago, was awarded £7.25 million atLondon’s high court yesterday. However, this is not all. Taking into account the fact that the crash left her almost paralyzed, besides this sum she will receive tax-free payments of £270,000 each year until the rest of her life. Having in mind how young she is now, her solicitor speculated that the compensation might reach the sum of up to £23 million.

The sad accident happened in March 2009 when Agnes was still 13. Her spine was affected so she lost the opportunity to move her legs and her arms also became stiff and heavy. Unfortunately, her mother died in this crash. The person responsible for the accident is Andrew Norton, a BMW executive. In November 2009, he was given a suspended sentence for driving without paying enough attention and causing death. As he felt unable to drive again, soon after the crash, he left his job.

Agnes was not expected to recover so fast but she soon surprised everyone by passing her AS exams successfully.

After her counsel, William Norris, shared his opinion on the way the injuries changed the young girl’s life, the ruling judge, Mr. Justice Macduff, said back: “It never ceases to amaze me how people can deal with this type of adversity. I can’t turn back the clock, but what I can do is to wish you all the very best for your future.”

Paul Paxton, Agnes’s family solicitor, admitted that the sum of the compensation is a record-breaking one but he also mentioned the girl’s needs were so great that this money would be necessary to cover the expenses on her future care.

Mr. Norton’s insurance company will pay the compensation. As it seems Miss Collier and her relatives have forgiven Andrew and do not blame him for the accident any more.

We sincerely hope Agnes will get better!

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