It Has Never Been Easier to Become a Cyber Criminal

William Hague will attend a conference in Budapest, where he will warn the attendees of the dangers hidden behind Internet – the cyber crimes. According to him this kind of crime is “”one of the greatest global and strategic challenges of our time.”

Mr Hague is determined to show that the UK takes leading positions in the fight against cyber crime by investing in cyber security. The government plans to spend over £2m for establishing a cybercrime center to help and prevent this practice. In addition, Mr Hague intends to set up international hot lines to help dealing with emergency situations.

In his speech he will include an example of a company, which has had files stolen from their networks, equivalent to over 20m A4 paper pages.

Another important point, which will be outlined by Mr Hague is the fact that currently there is a malicious software packages on sale, which helps offenders to commit their crimes and drain bank accounts for as less as £3000.00, what is more there is a 24 hours open help line.

Mr Hague will say: “It has never been easier to become a cyber criminal. Today, such attacks are crisscrossing the globe from north to south and east to west – in all directions, recognising no borders, with all countries in the firing line.”

The UK cybercrime center is intended  to offer help for other countries, which recognise the seriousness of the problem and are ready to deal with it.

In this conference Mr Hague would also draw attention to the countries, which use the internet against the citizens, by shutting down the network at times of unrest, for example

“Those governments who attempt this are erecting barricades against an unstoppable tide,” he will say.

The Cabinet Secretary, Francis Maude will also attend the Budapest conference.The two-day event is intended to build on progress made at a similar conference in London last November.

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