CCTV Surveillance – To Breach Human Rights?

The new  advanced CCTV cameras, introduced recently in the UK, could be breaching human rights laws, warned Andrew Rennison, UK`s first surveillance commissioner.

He says that the new high definition cameras were constantly ” popping up all over the place ” and the fast development of this technology might result in severe difficulties to regulate it properly. These cameras use a supreme face recognition functionality, which successfully identifies faces in 90% of the time. However, many people are not aware the  surveillance technology has reached such a high level of sophistication.

“I’m convinced that if we don’t regulate it properly – ie: the technological ability to use millions of images we capture – there will be a huge public backlash,” said Mr Rennison. “It is the Big Brother scenario playing out large. It’s the ability to pick out your face in a crowd from a camera which is probably half a mile away.”

He used the term “BigBrother” in reference to the George Orwell`s novel “1984″, where people are being constantly monitoring for any “wrongdoing”. The CCTV monitoring technology is being critiqued by many people, as it is breaching personal privacy. Roughly there are over 1.85m CCTV cameras around the UK and because of this Rennison is concerned that at some point this technology might be recognised as a reason to breach human rights laws, protecting the rights for personal life.

“I don’t want the state to carry on and start pushing the boundaries. Let’s have a debate – if the public support it, then fine,” he stated. “If the public don’t support it, and we need to increase the regulation, then that’s what we need to do.”-concluded Mr Rennison.

At least with the implementation of this technology will have a positive effect on corruption rates, as the corrupted individuals will never know whether they are “completely alone” or not. In the mean time, you can check our Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy.

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