Overstaying Migrants hunted down by Capita

The services company Capita has been hired to hunt down migrants who overstay their visits in England, Scotland and Wales. The firm is hired to find those people and assist them in leaving the country within 28 days. Migrants whose visas have expired are no longer allowed to stay in the United Kingdom.
It was recently announced that a private firm will be hired to hunt down overstaying migrants in England, Scotland and Wales. The firm ‘s job will be to oversee if and which immigrants are staying in the UK more than permitted. Overstaying a leave in the UK is a crime and every migrant found to be convicted, will be forced to leave the
country as soon as possible.

The contract was won by the services company Capita. It grants the responsibility to find overstaying immigrants around the UK, contact them with every means possible and make sure that the person will leave the country. Migrants with expired visas will be tracked down and contacted to provide information on when they plan to leave the

The “migrant refusal pool” from 2008 holds 174,000 names of people who are overstaying their visit in the country. The list consists of information about such people. For example, people who were refused an extension to their visas and are staying longer than allowed. However, the details in the “migrant refusal pool” are not accurate enough so as to say whether or not these people are still in the country or have left.  As stated, Capita will have the responsibility and duty to check this information and take actions if necessary.

MP Keith Vaz recently announced that Capita will be “laughing all the way to the bank” because no performance targets have been established for the firm to meet. Rob Whiteman, UK Border Agency chief executive, dismissed those criticisms as well as many others concerning the contract with the service company. He further explained that no such misunderstanding will occur, simply because the firm will be paid on the number of people contacted on the list. Generally, the potential value of the contract is £4m, in case that is if the firm is especially successful.

There are other two MPs who have also stated that it is a flawed approach not to constitute what success is exactly. The “migrant refusal pool” lists consists of both workers and students who are no longer granted the opportunity to stay in the country because their visas have expired. These people will be expected to leave the United Kingdom within 28 days after being contacted. They can only stay longer either if they apply and remain under another category or if they appeal against the decision. Failing to do so will be forced to leave the country. The firm will not meet with the individual and discuss issues face to face. Contact will be established through phone calls, emails and text messages. The firm will also assist individuals in leaving the UK. Capita will provide the information to the UKBA should an individual refuses to leave the country.

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