What is Domestic Violence – Broaden Definition Soon

A broaden definition of domestic violence will be set by the government in order to protect those trapped in coercive abuse.

It was recently announced that the government intends to broaden the definition of domestic violence for partners with problems of controlling behavior.  The charges brought against such people were leaked to the Daily Mail and will be publicised by Home Secretary Theresa May later today. Despite the fact the there is no legal definition of what exactly constitutes domestic abuse, the ministers have agreed on one in 2004. According to it, partners with domestic abuse problems will be facing charges for “all forms of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse”. The broadened definition of domestic abuse will also include “controlling” and “coercive” behaviour. That is for example, if a partner asks irrational requests and deprives the other of money or from seeing their friends and going out of the house. The expanded definition also states that even the under 18 year olds can face charges for domestic violence.

The Centre for Social Justice have produced a rapport and the changes specified above as well as any further information about the broaden definition of domestic abuse will appear at the back. The Centre has identified the different forms of abuse and has also presented steps on how to hold responsible the people who commit domestic abuse.  According to Christian Guy of CSJ, it is high time the low started to protect those ambushed by coercive abuse. The broadened definition of domestic abuse will help those people trapped in emotional abuse. According to the chief executive of Co-ordinated Action against Domestic Abuse Diana Barran, such a controlling behavior can be even more dangerous than physical violence. Recent statistics have revealed that controlling abuse is a predicament of domestic killing rather than physical violence. David Cameron made a proclamation in March that stalking will also be considered as a specific criminal offence. However in July, a schemed called Clare’s Law will allow people to stalk their partners for previous domestic violence convictions.


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