Care Workers Paid Well Below Minimum Wage

A new report from a think tank pointed out that care workers are not paid in the way they have to be- in fact they receive much below the minimum wage.

This report was prepared by the Resolution Foundation and it said this could be accepted as a “national scandal”.

The figures suggest that one in ten cares gets salary below the minimum. What is claimed at the report is that many care workers take not more than £5 an hour.

Now authorities should think carefully of certain changes they could make in order to change the situation because there are too many employers who break national minimum wage laws.

Going through the diaries describing the work done, investigators found that a typical working day usually runs from 7am to 10pm. The time slots for each visit are about 15 minutes. These visits are paid but there are cases of journeys of more than 20 miles for which the care workers do not receive any money. This is precisely what makes their wages so small.

The minimum wage is now £6.19 but it is expected to rise later on this year and reach £6.31.

Due to the current regulations considering working time, these people have to be paid all travel time not counting the commuting to and from work.

After the calculations of The Resolution Foundation for a year a care worker who worked an average of 35 hours a week for 48 weeks would lose more than £1,600.

Shadow health minister Andrew Gwynne said:

“The poor standard of these jobs is one of the reasons the care sector has become so dependent on cheap migrant labour – many workers don’t know their rights and so don’t speak up.”



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