RAC Foundation Proposes Four Year Learning Period For Drivers

The RAC Foundation has proposed reforms after which new drivers would have to wait longer and exert many efforts before they receive their full driver’s licence.

For the future drivers will have to graduate through different licences as each of them will have a series of restrictions.

This proposal came because of the high number of people killed in car crashes. The changes will most probably reduce it.

The number of dead and seriously injured young drivers for 2011 is 1,500.

The foundation reported that one in five young drivers crashes with their car in the first six months after they had passed the test, which makes these three times more likely to die on the road than experienced drivers.

In case the proposal is accepted, learners would have to graduate through three tiers. Many legal documents will sort this out.

The duration of the first one is at least a year and it would take place before the driving test is taken.

As drivers pass the first test the next year they would be allowed to drive but with some restrictions like for example limitations on driving at night and the number of passengers that a driver can carry.

The next step is a two-year probationary period. In case during this period the driver receives 6 penalty points, they would have to retake the test.

The US, Canada and Australia were given as examples where similar systems have changed the situation and have reduced the number of dead youngsters.

According to Prof Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, their measures would reduce deaths with 60%.

“Our research shows that putting certain restrictions on young drivers allows them to rapidly build up life-saving experience in the safest possible way.”



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