Victim Support Criticises Code Changes

Victim Support has announced that about 700,000 victims of crime would probably find it more difficult to be helped because of the plans due to which the Code for Victims in England and Wales will be changed. The authorities will need a lot of legal documents, which will help them cope with the situation.

The opinion of the government is that most of the victims denied any kind of help so they offered to assist at least the “victims of the most serious crimes, vulnerable or intimidated victims and the most persistently targeted victims.” They claim that the percentage of people who nowadays deny any information, advice and support is about 80% so they prefer to take care at least for those who wanted it.

Such are the victims of rape and sexual offences as a whole domestic violence, human trafficking, terrorism and violent crimes such as wounding.

The current code provides only help to vulnerable and intimidated victims.

From a report of Victim Support it became evident that it had 1.1 million victims referred to it annually, and about 700,000 of them would not respond to the revised criteria.

Victim Support also stated that up to two-thirds of the victims needed help which could make them overcome their feelings of depression and cope with the problems at home or work.

Assistant chief executive Adam Pemberton said: “We have serious concerns that the government’s proposals to limit automatic referral to only some categories of victims, will make it much more difficult for some victims to get the help they need after suffering at the hands of criminals.”

In his words the best thing the government could do was to restore the principle of automatic referral.

A spokeswoman explained the purpose of the new code which is to tell victims what is going to happen since the moment they report a crime until the end of the case.


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