Government Slammed Over EU Crime Opt-Out Plan

A committee of peers has warned that due to the measures the government is now taking, measures related to policing and criminal justice, the UK’s crime-fighting powers could be weakened.

These measures include various means of investigating and intercepting cross-border criminals.

After the mentioned start functioning, the UK and the other EU states will easily share information, which will of course improve policing operations. This sounds very good, especially for businesses, which are very careful with their employment documents.

Soon the government will opt out the full set of 130 measures.

The EU committee of the House of Lords is still not quite convinced about the results of these actions of the government as they consider that once lost powers will be difficult to be clawed back.

The committee said: “In light of the evidence we have received, we conclude that the government have not made a convincing case for exercising the opt-out and that opting out would have significant adverse negative repercussions for the internal security of the UK and the administration of criminal justice in the UK, as well as reducing its influence over this area of EU policy.”

Nowadays the most important power at stake is the European Arrest Warrant that authorizes suspected criminals in EU member states to be arrested in different states than those in which they had committed their crimes.

The comment of Lord Hannay, a member of the committee, was that such co-operation would help the struggle with terrorism and organized crime.

However, a spokesman for the Home Office said that whatever the government decided it would be guided by the national interest.




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