Parties Quarrelling over Press Regulation Deal

The three main political parties made a deal on the regulation of the press.  The final decision is that there needs to be an independent regulator by royal charter.

David Cameron is about to apply for an emergency debate soon.

The whole problem started when journalists were revealed to have hacked thousands of phones.

In the opinion of Lord Justice Leveson, press needed a new, independent regulator backed by legislation.

The deal which was struck on Monday defined that there was almost no way for a royal charter to be changed. The only way this happens is if it meets requirements stated within specific charters for amendments.

In announcement Mr. Cameron said:”What we wanted to avoid, and we have avoided, is a press law,”
“Nowhere will it say what this body is, what it does, what it can’t do, what the press can and can’t do. That, quite rightly, is being kept out of Parliament. So, no statutory underpinning but a safeguard that says politicians can’t in future fiddle with this arrangement.”

Mr. Miliband mentioned that in near future royal charter would stop ministers influence the press.

In the powers of the new regulator will be included the opportunity to impose fines and force a newspaper to issue corrections and apologies.

In the words of Mr. Clegg he was more than delighted on this cross-party agreement.

“We’ve secured the cherished principle of freedom of the press, which is incredibly important in our democracy, but also given innocent people the reassurance that we won’t be unjustifiably bullied or intimidated by powerful interests in the press without having proper recourse when that happens.”

People who think they have become victims of press abuse would be offered a free arbitration service.

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