A Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

The EU banned the sale of cosmetic products, which have firstly been tested on animals.

The news of this ban came on Monday. Until now, cosmetic companies were banned from tasting their products only in countries from the EU but the new one will prohibit testing ingredients anywhere in the world.

According to the new rules, companies will not be allowed to test on animals products, which may cause them different allergies and cancer.

Unfortunately in the words of German MEP Dagmar Roth-Behrendt due to a loophole in the ban companies will not stop testing products claiming they were for non-cosmetic purposes as for example for pharmacy.

No matter this view, groups taking care for animal rights assumed this ban as a victory.

Gavin Grant, from the RSPCA, said: “Animal testing in the name of beauty has never been acceptable. This landmark legislation at the end of a long campaign sends out a loud and clear message to other countries and those companies operating outside the EU.”

In the opinion of Troy Seidle, from the Humane Society International, the new ban changed the way people looked at certain products claiming they would not use shampoos or mascaras tested on rabbits.

The ban will not affect those products the ingredients of which were tested on animals before the ban started functioning.

Big companies including L’Oreal have taken the decision to stop selling products tested on animals as a step to stop this practice.

Of course, there are such people who did not like the idea.

According to Colin Mackey it would be difficult for Europe to have any access to new products, as there are no safe alternatives of animal testing.

“Europe’s idea is to put more pressure on other parts of the world to end animal testing, but the science doesn’t match that political timetable,” he said.

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