Smoking to be Banned in Cars With Children

Anna Soubry, public health minister, came out with a statement that smoking should be banned in cars carrying children. She admited she used to smoke but since she had two children she had decided she was responsible for their health and way of life.

David Cameron in his part said he agreed that smoking had to be banned in pubs and clubs but he did not feel pretty sure how smoking in cars could be controlled.

While at the Local Government Association’s annual public health conference, Ms Soubry said the government had at least to consider her proposal.

“I would ban smoking in cars where children are present.

“I would do that for the protection of children. I believe in protecting children. I would see it as a child welfare issue.”

After a survey taken last year, one in five smokers had said they would feel no worry to light a cigarette either at home or in the car when their children are there.

Another researches show that the number of children in the UK who go to their doctor due to second-hand smoke is about 300,000- 9,500 of which end up visiting hospitals.

The British Medical Association and the Royal College of Paedatrics also support the proposed ban.

In the words of the director of policy and research at campaign group Action on Smoking and Health, Martin Dockrell, such a ban would receive mass support: “The minister can count on our support and the majority of the public. A ban on smoking in cars is the right thing to do.

“We need to think about whether this should just be aimed at children. Older adults are vulnerable too.”

Some parts of Canada, the USA and Australia have already been implemented a ban of the kind.

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