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Investigating and learning from accidents and other incidents is an essential part of the risk assessment review process.


Investigation and review should take place for all incidents; but significant incidents require a written report. Details of the incident can be reported on the Incident Record Form.


The preliminary report of the incident should be passed to the appropriate manager, who will carry out a more detailed investigation if necessary. Results of any investigation should be recorded.


This Accident Reporting Pack template allows employers to manage records of accidents at work. It contains the following documents:


  • An Incident Checklist;
  • An Incident Record Form; and
  • A Witness Statement Form.


In addition this Pack also contains two HSE's approved forms:  RIDDOR Form F2508 - Report of an injury or dangerous occurrence and RIDDOR Form F2508a - Report of a case of disease.


It is important that employers draw up and implement a suitable procedure for managing accident records. Also employers are required to nominate suitable individual(s) who will store accident records, monitor accidents, investigate accidents to determine the underlying cause and develop and implement suitable controls to prevent reoccurrence.


The Documents contained in this Accident Reporting Pack are in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English, easy to use and edit.