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The law in relation to retirement is changing.


As from the 6 April 2011, the default retirement age of 65 is being phased out. From that date, no new notifications using the default retirement age process can be issued. Furthermore, there will be no set retirement age and Employees will be free to chose when they retire.


During the transitional period between 6 April 2011 and 1 October 2011, the default retirement age process remains in place only in circumstances where (i) the Employee was notified of the intended retirement date before 6 April 2011 and (ii) the Employee will reach the age of 65 (or the normal Company retirement age if higher) before 1 October 2011.


This Retirement Documents - Employee Pack:


Note - This pack is only appropriate in circumstances where the above two conditions are met. If they are not met then an Employee is free to chose when to retire. When they do decide to retire they simply resign, remembering to give the correct notice (see Resignation - Employee Pack).



This Retirement Documents - Employee Pack includes letters concerning:


  • Notification to Retire
  • Notification to Continue Working
  • Intention to Appeal a Decision