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Ordinary Paternity Leave and Additional Paternity Leave are available to an Employee who is a partner of someone who is adopting. A partner includes people in a marriage, same sex relationship or in a Civil Partnership.


The Employee qualifies for Ordinary Paternity Leave and Additional Paternity Leave if they have or expect to have responsibility for the child’s upbringing. The purpose of the Ordinary Paternity Leave and Additional Paternity Leave must be for providing support to the co-adopter and child.


The Employee must have at least 26 weeks continuous employment ending with the qualifying week (the definition of which is different depending on whether it is a UK or Overseas Adoption) and must also be working from the qualifying week to the actual date of birth in order to qualify for Ordinary Paternity Leave and Additional Paternity Leave.


In addition, in order to qualify for Additional Paternity Leave the child’s mother must be entitled to Statutory Adoption Leave and must have returned to work at least two weeks after the child’s birth and have at least two weeks of unexpired Statutory Adoption Leave entitlement remaining.


Up to 2 weeks Ordinary Paternity Leave can be taken and up to 26 weeks Additional Paternity Leave can be taken. Various notifications must be given by the Employee in respect of the leave sought.


An Employee may also be entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay and Additional Statutory Paternity Pay.


Note: These documents only cover Additional Paternity Leave (Adoption). Please also see separate Ordinary Paternity Leave documents. 


 Paternity Leave Documents - Additional Paternity Leave (Adoption) - Employer Pack includes letters dealing with:


  • Employee's Notification of Additional Paternity Leave
  • Keeping in touch days request and response
  • Employee's early return from Additional Paternity Leave