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An Employee who has been in continuous service for at least a year and who has: (i) a child under 5 years old; (ii) a child under 18 years old who was adopted in the last 5 years; or, (iii) a disabled child under 18 years old, is entitled to take up to 13 weeks Parental Leave provided that they have (or expect to have) parental responsibility for that child.


If the child in question is entitled to receive disability living allowance then the period of Parental Leave is 18 weeks.


The Parental Leave can only be taken in order to care for a child; this includes making arrangements for the child.


Save for any provisions to the contrary in an Employee’s Contract of Employment, Parental Leave is unpaid.


The Employee must give at least 21 days written notice to the Employer if they wish to take Parental Leave. This notice must include the date that Employee intends the Parental Leave to end.


During Parental Leave the Employee’s Contract of Employment continues as if they were still physically at work and the Employee must continue to benefit from their Statutory Employment rights, including accrual of Annual Leave entitlement. The Employee must also be kept informed of important matters such as promotion opportunities, redundancy situations and any proposed changes to their job.



Parental Leave Documents - Employer Pack includes letters dealing with:


  • Responding to a Parental Leave Request,
  • Responding to a Parental Leave Request (UK and overseas adoptions); and
  • Requirement for a postponement to a Parental Leave Request.