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This Employment Contract - Restrictive Covenants can be tailored to suit your needs. It is in accordance with the statutory minimum requirements.


It is a requirement under the Employment Rights Act 1996 for Employers to provide their Employees with a written statement of their main terms and conditions of employment. This must be provided within 8 weeks starting from the commencement of Employment. This Employment Contract - Restrictive Covenants contains all the main terms and conditions required under the Act. In addition to the usual contractual terms, this Employment Contract - Restrictive Covenants contains clauses restricting the activities that an Employee can participate in both during and after the termination of employment. Restrictive Covenants in order to be enforceable must be reasonably necessary to protect a legitimate business interest and must not be unreasonably wide. In other words the Restrictive Covenants must be reasonable in terms of subject-matter, geographical location and time and should be used for the protection of the employer's business. This Employment Contract contains the following Restrictive Covenants: Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Non-Poaching.


Employers must ensure that the Restrictive Covenants do not go any further than reasonably necessary in order to protect their legitimate business interests. If the Restrictive Covenants are too restrictive in terms of duration and/or geographical scope then they are likely to be considered unreasonable and the Courts are likely to declare these clauses unenforceable.


This Employment Contract - Restrictive Covenants template contains the following clauses:


1.    Place of Work

2.    Commencement and Term of Employment

3.    Hours of Work

4.    Remuneration

5.    Holiday Entitlement and Pay

6.    Absence and Sick Pay

7.    Notice

8.    Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

9.    Maternity and Paternity Leave

10.  Retirement

11.  Additional Policies

12.  Exclusivity of Service

13.  Confidential Information

14.  Restrictions in Place during Employment and following Termination of Employment

15.  Other Benefits

16.  Pension Scheme

17.  Collective Agreements

18.  Property

19.  Governing Law


Schedule of Restrictive Covenants