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All Employees are entitled to take 52 weeks Statutory Adoption Leave when they adopt a child, subject to certain conditions. Statutory Adoption Leave is comprised of 26 weeks Ordinary Adoption Leave followed by 26 weeks Additional Adoption Leave.


The Employee is also entitled to Statutory Adoption Pay.


If a couple are jointly adopting a child, they must elect which one of them is to receive Statutory Adoption Leave and which one is to receive Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay.


Qualification for Statutory Adoption Leave and Statutory Adoption Pay is different depending on whether the adoption is of a child within the UK or from overseas.


The Employee must notify the Employer in writing of: (i) their intention to take Statutory Leave; (ii) the intended start date; and, (iii) the expected date of the child’s placement. The timing of such notice depends on whether the child is within the UK or from overseas.


Whilst on Statutory Adoption Leave the Employee is entitled to attend up to 10 Keeping In Touch Days (KIT) without losing their entitlement to Statutory Adoption Leave. A KIT day is an opportunity for an Employee to maintain contact with the work place.


This Adoption Leave Documents - Employee Pack contains letters dealing with:


  • Notifying Employers of intention to take Statutory Adoption Leave (for both UK and overseas adoptions);
  • Returning from Statutory Adoption Leave later or earlier than originally intended;
  • Resignation following a period of Statutory Adoption Leave; and
  • Requesting attendance on a KIT day or replying to an Employer’s invitation to attend a KIT day.