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There are two ways in which a private limited company can change its name:


  1. by Special Resolution of the shareholders (or members) of the company, either written or passed at a general meeting; or
  2. by permission given in the company’s Articles of Association.


Please note: A company name must follow certain rules in order for it to be registered, for example:  the name can’t be the same as another registered company’s name, it must end in either ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’, it can’t be offensive and it can’t contain a ‘sensitive’ word or expression, or suggest a connection with government or local authorities, unless you get permission. For more info click HERE.



Change of Company Name by Written Special Resolution


As mentioned above you can change the registered name of a private limited company by passing a Special Resolution.


A Special Resolution is passed by 75% majority of the eligible members of the company agreeing to it.


After the Special Resolution to change the company name has been passed, it must be filed at Companies House together with Form NM01.



Change of Company Name by Permission Given in the Company’s Articles of Association


If the Articles of Association of the company set out the procedure to change the company name you will have to follow the stated procedure and must file at Companies House Form NM04.


This Written Special Resolution to Change the Company Name shall be used where the shareholders or directors of a private limited company want to change the name of the company by written resolution instead than at a general meeting.


This Document allows for the Written Special Resolution to be initiated either by the directors or the members of the company.


 Please note:


  • The Circulation date shall be the date on which the written resolution is first sent to a member
  • A proposed written resolution lapses if it is not passed before the end of the period specified in the company’s articles. If period is not specified in the company’s articles then according to the Companies Act 2006 it is 28 days beginning with the circulation date. The agreement of a member to a written resolution is ineffective if signified after the expiry of that period.


This Written Special Resolution to Change the Company Name Template is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English easy to use and edit.