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An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of a company's shareholders held each calendar year. Generally AGMs deal with matters such as: company accounts, directors' and auditor's reports, declaration of share dividends and also the appointment and resignation of directors.


The Companies Act 2006 introduced few changes in relation to Annual General Meetings.


Under the Companies Act 2006 private companies are no longer required to hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs) unless they decide to do so or they are required to do so by their articles of association.


Therefore, a private company does not need to hold an AGM if there is no obligation to do so in the articles. Consequently, the effect of the new provisions is dependent on what is currently in a company's articles. Private companies incorporated under the old Companies Act 1985 must continue to hold an AGM unless they change their articles of association to remove any reference to Annual General Meetings.


On the other hand, public companies must still hold AGMs. Under the Companies Act 2006 from 1st October 2007 public companies must hold an Annual General Meeting each year within 6 months of the financial year-end. At least 14 days’ written notice must be given to members of the AGM (21 days in advance for public companies with traded shares). The AGM can be called on shorter notice if 90 per cent of members agree (95 per cent for plcs).


Notice of the AGM must be sent to every shareholder, the directors and auditors. The notice must set out the proposed business for the meeting and, in the case of ordinary and/or special resolutions, the actual wording proposed.


This Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) Template is fully compliant with the Companies Act 2006 and shall be used by companies in order to meet their legal requirements to inform the shareholders that the Annual General Meeting is to be held.