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Generally a Joint Venture is when two parties want to work together on a commercial venture.


A Joint Venture Agreement can be used where two or more parties agree to co-operate and combine their resources with a view to profit.


A Joint Venture Agreement is an undertaking between two or more parties (usually corporate) to form a business together. Generally the parties to a Joint Venture Agreement decide to join forces in order to spread the cost and the risk of a new venture.


A Joint Venture can take a number of legal forms.


This Joint Venture Agreement template is suitable where two or more parties wish to come together for a specific project and it assumes that both parties are limited companies. This Joint Venture Agreement has been drafted specifically for limited companies who join together to form a new limited company, the Joint Venture Company, purely for the joint venture purpose.


This Joint Venture Agreement has been drafted on the basis that two companies will be investing the same amount of money into the joint venture company and they will both own 50% of the shares.


This Agreement covers most material points and specifies each party’s percentage of ownership and the financial contribution demanded from each. Also it states the parties’ roles, responsibilities and relationship to the newly formed venture.