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This One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter shall be used where one party is about to disclose to another party sensitive information which it wishes to keep confidential.  


The One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter shall be used where two parties intend to work together on a project which requires one of the parties to disclose confidential information to the other party in order to carry out the proposed project. The Letter shall be signed by the recipient before the disclosing party provides access to the confidential information.


This One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter is suitable for anyone wanting to protect their business information and ideas in situations where disclosure is necessary.  It can be used in most situations where either or both parties are individuals or an organisation. The Letter broadly defines what kind of information amounts to Confidential Information and also provides for the return of any Confidential Information to the disclosing party. If the recipient breaches the obligation to keep information confidential, the disclosing party can rely on this Letter as evidence of Confidentiality.


This Letter provides the opportunity to decide the duration of the obligation of confidentiality. Please note that the duration should be reasonable, an excessive duration may be considered by a court unreasonable and therefore it will be ineffective.


The One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter is a shorter version of the Confidentiality Agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Unilateral. Legally they are the same, they are both legally binding and provide the same level of protection, the only difference is in terms of presentation since the Letter is a little less formal than the agreement.


This One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter is not suitable where both parties are disclosing information to each other. If both parties are disclosing confidential information to each other then please use the Mutual Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter.


The One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter should be printed and signed by both parties in duplicate, so that both parties have a signed copy to refer to and keep for their records.


This One-Way Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Letter is in Microsoft Word format, written in plain English easy to use and edit.